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Winter Car Care Checklist and Tips

It’s now officially autumn, but as we know in the Yampa Valley, that means winter is close behind. More than ever, your car needs to be in tip top condition for winter conditions here in the high country. With that in mind, make sure you follow these tips:

Keep the Battery in Good Shape

Your vehicle's battery is especially hard hit when the mercury plummets. Cold temperatures reduce its cranking power or starting power. If it's more than five years old and shows signs of weakness, replace the battery with a top-rated model.  You  can have the battery professionally tested at our service centers. A tired battery may just need to be charged. But if it's defective or just worn out, it's best to replace it before it goes completely dead.


Replace the Wiper Blades

Replace blades that leave streaks and make sure your washer fluid is full.



Check operation of headlights, tail lights, turn signals and reverse lights.


Carry an Emergency Road Kit

Just in case your get caught out there, have a kit that includes supplies such as water, a flashlight, first aid kit, traction mats, snacks, shovel, blankets, basic tools and jumper cables.


Have Your Vehicle Inspected

Make sure your car is road worthy. Bring in your vehicle for a winter service that includes inspection of your battery and charging system, drive belts, hoses, coolant, brakes and fluids.

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