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What Grade of Fuel is Right for My Car?

Premium Gas Explained & Fuel Efficient Cars at Cook

Octane level is a measure of how much compression fuel can withstand before igniting. In years past, the fuel-air mixture that runs an engine could ignite just by the force of compression rather than when it was precisely timed to ignite with a spark. It is a damaging phenomenon known as "preignition", and it was characterized by a knocking or pinging sound when the engine ran.

Premium gasoline has a higher octane level. It is generally required for cars with high-compression engines, turbochargers and other high performance aspects.

So do you need it?

Higher octane fuel doesn't make your car perform better unless it is required. Always refer to your owner's manual and pay close attention to the wording. If it is "recommended", it isn't required but you may lose some performance. If it is "required", then you must use premium or risk causing damage and voiding your warranty. If you have any questions, check your owner's manual or chat with our expert sales or service team.

How to Search for Fuel Efficient Cars at Cook

With the surprising jump in fuel prices, you may be thinking about replacing or adding a vehicle. Did you know that you can search our inventory to find the best in fuel economy. And with the rapid enhancements in technology, you can obtain all-wheel-drive and still get 30+ highway miles-per-gallon in several models including the Chevy Equinox and Trax, the Ford Ecosport and Escape and almost all Subaru models depending on configuration.

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