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So What’s the Difference between Regular All-Season Tires and Snow Tires?

Getting Dedicated Snow Tires

With the recent bout of snowfall in the Yampa Valley, you’re probably thinking about getting dedicated snow tires - if you don’t already have them. So what’s the difference between regular all-season tires and snow tires? The main difference is not something you can see - the rubber compound they’re made from. The second important difference is the tread pattern design.

Think of how soft the soles of your snow boots are compared to your summer shoes. The rubber compound in tires are similar in that regard. A snow tire is designed to remain softer when it gets below 42 degrees. That means that they remain flexible and maintain grip during cold winter temperatures. All-season tires tend to be hard below 42 degrees so they have less grip with the road.

The other factor - tread pattern - is very noticeable with a quick glance. Winter tires have a more aggressive tread pattern and fine slits all along the tread called sipes. These tread sipes provide a biting edge while maintaining the integrity of the tread for better handling during winter conditions.


So should you have winter tires for your car?

Here in the Yampa Valley, cold winters are as sure as beautiful summers. They have a definite advantage when you live in the high country. When you think about it, your car only has four patches about the size of your hand that actually make contact with the ground. So give yourself an advantage during winter driving and get a good set of winter tires! Talk to our parts pros at any of our three locations.


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